10 JMC ambulances delivered in Luntai County


10 JMC ambulances delivered in Luntai County | JMC ambulances were successfully picked up

It’s extremely cold in Luntai County, Xinjiang. Our deputy general manager took several drivers from the company day and night to deliver 10 JMC ambulances manufactured by CLW overtime to the Luntai County Government. The car was delivered to the scene before the handover ceremony. The leaders of the two governments had a cordial conversation, which also proved the friendship between the people of the two cities.

JMC ambulances are carefully built by our company’s professional team and are deeply loved and trusted by industry customers.



The ambulance has a novel appearance and reasonable space design. The whole vehicle adopts domestic leading medical vehicle modification technology, including ambulance system, warning system, electrical system, etc.

The main color of JMC ambulances is white, and the exquisite appearance and flexible shuttle can be no problem in every corner. While improving the safety of the vehicle, it can also protect the safety of drivers and passengers. A strip of police lights installed on the roof is used to remind passing pedestrians and vehicles.

The internal configuration of the JMC ambulance compartment is simple and warm, convenient and practical. Long seat, foldable carriage, medical wear-resistant plastic floor leather in the carriage. One oxygen cylinder, one set of power sockets and switches are fixedly installed, two infusion hooks are provided on the left side of the top of the car, one disinfection lamp on the right side of the car roof, and two middle lighting lamps.