6 medical Mercedes-Benz ambulances were sent to Jiangsu


6 medical Mercedes-Benz ambulances were sent to Jiangsu | Medical ambulances were successfully picked up


There are still 60 kilometers to arrive. The leaders of Jiangsu have arranged the delivery of the 6 medical Mercedes-Benz ambulances this time. The medical Mercedes-Benz ambulances are in the hands of Master Zhou, whether on the road or on delivery. In the process, they are all able to complete their work well.

The highly plastic space of the medical Mercedes-Benz ambulance has always been an important role in the ambulance market. As a “real” model, Linear Technology equipped with the ADAPTIVE-ESP adaptive electronic body stability system can avoid danger in time.

The only model that uses laser welding technology, the medical Mercedes-Benz ambulance has a cumulative length of 35 meters of laser welding seams to create a high-strength body structure, which makes this large ambulance stand out from the crowd in terms of safety. The LED diffused atmosphere light strip, Comfortable configurations such as electric pedals and high-power air conditioners all reflect the professionalism of Mercedes-Benz ambulances.


The medical Mercedes-Benz ambulance is based on the classic combination of the three-spoke grille and the large-scale running three-pointed star logo. This is the classic design language of Mercedes-Benz, and the essence of running for a century is displayed here.

The medical Mercedes-Benz ambulance adopts the front double-wishbone Macpherson independent suspension and the rear half towed independent suspension, which guarantees the comfort of the drivers and passengers to a great extent during the driving. The seats in the ambulance are also designed with ergonomics. The products are also considered for the safety of medical staff and patients.