Aochi small three-axle dump garbage truck review


Aochi small three-axle dump garbage truck review



Let’s learn the appearance and chassis configuration of this Aochi T6 small three-axle dump garbage truck. Today, let’s take a look at the cab configuration of this truck. Many users are very concerned about the size of the cab space. Indeed, the size of the cab is directly related to the comfort of driving. Let’s take a concrete look at whether the space of this cab can meet your needs:

From the appearance point of view, the body of this truck is very high. If you want to get on and off the car easily, you must rely on the double-layer boarding pedals equipped with the truck. The pedal hollow design is safe and non-slip, and can also drain and remove stains, especially in the working environment of garbage trucks. The width of the cab of the Altci T6 is 2120mm, which can seat 3 people and has a larger space, ranking it among the top models of the same size class. The passenger seat has a split design, which is more comfortable and safer for use with safety belts.


The steering wheel of the car is an ordinary four-spoke steering wheel with large wheel diameter and easy operation. Compared with multifunctional steering wheels, ordinary steering wheels are more suitable for sanitation vehicle drivers. The instrument panel adopts a conventional combination design, with a circular pointer on the left and right sides and a middle LCD screen to provide the driver with various driving conditions of the vehicle, which is convenient for driving safety.

The layout of the center console is very regular. It is divided into three areas from top to bottom. The upper area is used to place small items on the car, the middle area is the radio function and the air-conditioning outlet, and the lower area is the air-conditioning control area. The layout is reasonable. It is convenient for the driver to operate.

Fast 10-speed gearbox, standard for heavy-duty vehicles, used with the engine to make the vehicle run more smoothly and climb more vigorously. The main seat adopts an airbag seat, which is comfortable to ride and can reduce the fatigue of long-term driving. At the same time, the seat can adjust the air volume.

Although the configuration of the cab of the Altci T6 small three-axle dump garbage truck is not very bright, it is more practical. You must know that large space is the highlight of all drivers, and the biggest advantage of this cab is large space.