BYD & CLW Group develop new energy special vehicle


BYD and Chengli Group jointly develop the new energy special vehicle market


On August 18, 2020, at the southern suburbs headquarters of Chengli Group in Suizhou, Hubei, Cheng Aluo, General Manager of Chengli Group, and BYD Guo signed a new energy special vehicle strategic cooperation agreement to enter the new energy sanitation vehicle market.

BYD is a leading domestic company in the manufacture of new energy vehicles, and it also occupies an important position in the international new energy field. BYD’s new energy passenger vehicles are the only ones in the world, and commercial new energy vehicles have also carried out the layout of the entire industry chain. The R&D and manufacturing of new energy vehicles for light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks are very mature. In particular, the battery, motor, and electronic control technology have independent intellectual property rights, and all series of products have been mass-produced and put on the market.


Chengli Group is located in the special automobile capital of Suizhou, Hubei. As the largest manufacturer of special vehicles in China, in recent years, it has actively expanded the strategic layout of commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles. It has produced pickup trucks, micro trucks, light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks. The products have been put on the market in batches and have been loved and sought after by users. Some products have become the industry’s online celebrity models.

Win the battle to defend the blue sky, reduce carbon emissions, and respond to the call of the country. The next ten years of golden development will inevitably lead to the road of high-quality green development. The comprehensive promotion of new energy vehicles has become a consensus and policy guidance at the national strategic level. The popularization and promotion of cars is bound to usher in greater development.