Changan 4cbm hook arm garbage truck review


Changan 4cbm hook arm garbage truck review


Changan 4cbm hook arm garbage truck is a heavy hook-arm garbage truck based on the chassis of Changan Automobile. It has always been loved by the majority of sanitation departments for its low price, good quality, and strong carrying capacity. Today we will learn more about this garbage truck.

In terms of chassis, this Changan 4cbm hook-arm garbage truck adopts the latest micro-card series chassis of Changan Commercial Vehicle. The new single-row cab of Changan is simple and atmospheric. In terms of powertrain, Chongqing Xiaokang’s 88-horsepower gasoline engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which has plenty of power, smooth output and good control.



The steering wheel is equipped with EPS electronic steering assistance, which is rare in its class. Compared with the mechanical hydraulic assistance of competing models, full-load steering is easier. In terms of carrying capacity, this Changan 4cbm hook-arm garbage truck uses a reinforced through-beam and a rear two-wheel design. The carrying capacity far exceeds that of competing models of the same level.

For the sake of safety performance, this Changan 4cbm hook arm garbage truck is equipped with the leading front wheel disc brakes of the same level. Compared with the drum brakes equipped with competing models, it has better heat dissipation performance, reduced heat decay, and brakes. The distance is shorter and the safety is more guaranteed.


In terms of special performance, this Changan 4cbm hook-arm garbage truck adopts a flashlight dual-control design, and the cab is equipped with an intelligent electronic control system. The driver can complete all operations in the cab without getting off the car, which not only improves the driver Work safety factor, and can work normally in rainy and snowy weather, improving work efficiency.

The hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic valves of Changan 4cbm hook-arm garbage trucks are all domestic well-known brand products, with low failure rate, high transmission efficiency and more efficient work. The sub-frame and hook arm are made of high-strength manganese steel, which has high strength, is not easy to deform, and is durable.