CLW Group will achieve the goal of 7.5 billion annual output value in 2020!


Chengli Group will achieve the goal of 7.5 billion annual output value in 2020! Create another glorious new year


Congratulations to the core enterprise of CLW Group-Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. for successfully completing the 7.5 billion output value target in 2020. To achieve an over-fulfillment of 7.558 billion in output value, we hope to create more glories in 2021.

In 2020, Hubei Chengli Group has successively added standardized assembly production lines, automatic laser digital plasma cutting production lines, lightweight all-aluminum professional production lines, and sanitation truck tank box robot welding and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and facilities. Make” change.

Cheng Guoqiang introduced, “At present, Chengli is a special-purpose vehicle modification enterprise with the most product varieties and the most complete production qualifications in the same industry in China.” This year, Chengli Group has produced and sold 70,000 special-purpose vehicles of various types. The sprinkler is the traditional flagship product of Chengli Group, and has consistently ranked first in sales in the country for eight consecutive years.

The large-scale fully hydraulic truck-mounted crane realizes intelligent operation and is the main force in low-space tunnels, bridges, docks and other environmental operations. Fully intelligent remote control ladder truck and aerial work vehicle, one person can operate the intelligent remote control board to realize 360-degree operation without dead ends. The sales of multi-purpose truck-mounted cranes steadily occupy a leading position in the country, and products such as standardized and intelligent multi-functional municipal dredging trucks are popular in the market.