Vaccine cold chain vehicle was launched by CLW Group


CLW Group’s vaccine cold chain vehicle was launched

Foton Series vaccine cold chain vehicle introduction


  • 100KW Mitsubishi engine
    Gasoline engine 2.4L, equipped with BOSCH high pressure, rated power 100KW/3500RPM, low-speed torque 186NM/1000RPM, maximum torque 285NM/200ORPM.


  • Getrag (5MT) transmission, quick shifting
    The double cone synchronizer is adopted to greatly improve the smoothness of the transmission and the shift performance level reaches the passenger car standard. The lightweight cast aluminum housing reduces the weight of the gearbox and reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle.


  • Equipped with Mitsubishi 4G69 gasoline-powered multi-point fuel injection, which has high power and low fuel consumption. Double overhead camshafts, continuously variable air intake. Technologies such as timing systems create peak power.


CLW Group's vaccine cold chain vehicle was launched

CLW Group's vaccine cold chain vehicle was launched1

Item G7 G9
Overall size 5320*1695*2435 5380*1920*2480
Inner size 3200*1500*1600 3200*1700*1650
Power system Foton Engine Mitsubishi Engine
Capacity 1998mL 2378mL
Drive System Rear drive
Fuel tank capacity 65L
Suspension system Independent suspension
Wheelbase (mm) 3050 3110
Assist system Mechanical hydraulic
Max speed (km/h) 120 145
Braking System Disc/Drum
Variable speed system Manual 5 gears