Dayun Xianglong Dump Truck Appearance Review


Dayun Xianglong Dump Truck Appearance Review


In daily life, domestic garbage is collected, transported, and processed by special garbage trucks. Then, are there special garbage trucks to transport construction waste? Yes, dump garbage trucks are dedicated to transport construction garbage trucks. Let’s take the Universiade Xianglong dump garbage truck as an example to explain in detail:

The front face of the cab of the Dayun Xianglong dump garbage truck incorporates the design elements of European heavy trucks, making the overall shape look dynamic and tough, and at the same time demonstrates the high-end fashion temperament. Compared with ordinary light trucks, it can be distinguished at a glance.

The top of the cab adopts a black transparent sunshade with U-shaped decorative strips, which is stylish in appearance, light and durable; the integrated outline lights on both sides can effectively improve vehicle recognition at night and ensure driving safety. The air intake grille adopts the traditional Chinese cultural armor-style chrome-plated design, which can protect the engine from severe damage to a greater extent and play a protective role.

The headlights have a strong sense of design, like dragon eyes, very expressive. One-piece blackened headlights with LED daytime running lights and lenses. The fog lights on the lower side consist of three light sources. This combination not only increases driving safety without losing pride.

The rearview mirror is a combined door mirror built by a German company. The double lens has a large field of view and has an electric heating function. Even when driving in bad weather, the driver can clearly grasp the information of the body and make the driving safer.

Both sides of the cab are equipped with dragon-shaped outline lights, which can help the driver to see the position of the pedals clearly at night and remind other vehicles to pay attention. Double-layer hollow pedals, semi-hidden design, not only strong, non-slip but also beautiful and durable.

The above are the appearance details of this Universiade Xianglong dump truck. I believe everyone is impressed by the stylish and luxurious atmosphere it exudes. Another point worth paying attention to is that this car adopts cathodic electrophoretic primer and high-grade topcoat, which is bright and clean, corrosion-resistant, and has a variety of colors for you to choose from.