Dongfeng Tianlong 25 ton hook arm garbage truck review


Dongfeng Tianlong 25 ton hook arm garbage truck review


The chassis configuration of Dongfeng Tianlong 25 ton hook arm garbage truck:
Dongfeng Tianlong rear double-axle chassis adopts the new high-end D310 with sleeper flat-top cab, American imported Cummins ISDE245 engine, 245 horsepower power, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox, 7 tons front axle, dual 10 tons rear axle, 1100- 20 original tires with spare tires, air brake, air brake, exhaust brake, with original heating and cooling air-conditioning, with ABS, with Beidou positioning driving recorder.

Top configuration of Dongfeng Tianlong 25-ton hook arm garbage truck:
The upper loading system is built by our company combining advanced technology at home and abroad, and has the following advantages.
1. Control system: remote control + manual operation, fast and safe, proprietary technology, industry leading;
2. Hydraulic system: The oil cylinder, pump and valve are specially designed by our company, produced by well-known domestic factories, with reasonable matching and high cost performance; the key parts adopt imported seals, with stable performance and reliable quality;

3. Security protection:
(1) The main cylinder is specially equipped with a built-in two-way unloading valve, which effectively reduces the system pressure at the end of the stroke, and protects the entire hydraulic system and the arm for durability;
(2) The lifting system is equipped with a balancing device, which can move at a constant speed with no load or heavy load to avoid damage to the vehicle or equipment caused by strong impact;
(3) The hydraulic system and each branch oil circuit are equipped with two-way overload protection, and the rated pressure is adjusted and set according to the actual working conditions of each moving part, effectively avoiding abnormal damage to the vehicle caused by system overload or improper use;
(4) The hydraulic system is equipped with oil circuit explosion-proof locking devices to prevent safety hazards due to oil pipe bursts and ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles;
(5) A reinforced hydraulic box locking device is installed on the pull arm to ensure transportation safety when used correctly.
4. Interlock protection: each action is associated with interlock protection to prevent hydraulic or mechanical failures caused by misoperation, eliminate safety hazards, and extend the service life of the vehicle;
5. Pull arm structure: The structure of the pull arm is made of high-strength steel, with local special treatment, strong bearing capacity and not easy to deform.
6. Pull arm top assembly: The pull arm top assembly has been polished and derusted, and painted in multiple processes to ensure that the appearance and color meet the requirements; the pull arm top assembly assembly has undergone special bench tests and heavy load tests to ensure quality.

Mobile compression garbage station: One hook-arm garbage truck can be equipped with multiple 18-20 square mobile compression garbage stations, or 20-28 square multi-functional garbage bins. The matching garbage cans can be customized according to the customer’s existing hook-arm garbage trucks.