How to know the oil of the garbage truck is normally consumed or burned?


Everyone knows that the oil added to the garbage truck will be consumed more or less, but it is an obvious problem. If you find that your car is running out of oil, how can you judge whether it is normal consumption or burning oil? The editor will teach you how to judge:

1. The exhaust pipe is very dark

First wipe the inner wall of the exhaust pipe clean, and then wipe it again after a week. If you find that the exhaust pipe is very dark, it means that the vehicle is burning oil.

2. Blue smoke when starting a cold car

When starting a cold car in the morning, pay attention to the outlet of the exhaust pipe. If the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke when starting, it means that the vehicle is burning oil. This method is best done by two people. One person starts the vehicle and the other The person is responsible for observation. Because the time for emitting blue smoke is very short, and it will only appear after the vehicle has been left for a long time.

3. Blue smoke at high throttle

Blue smoke appears when the vehicle accelerates rapidly or when the accelerator is hit on the spot, but there is basically no when idling. This indicates that the vehicle is burning oil and it is already serious. It should be repaired as soon as possible.

4. blue smoke from the oil injection port

If the vehicle starts to emit blue smoke in addition to the exhaust port, the oil injection port also starts to emit blue smoke, indicating that this symptom has reached the middle and late stages, and the oil burning situation is very serious. You need to seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid greater damage.

The poor sealing of the cylinder is the main reason for burning oil. The main reason is that the fitting clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large, the piston ring is installed improperly or the sealing performance is deteriorated, and the oil on the cylinder wall enters the combustion chamber, causing the phenomenon of oil burning.

Choose high-quality engine oil as much as possible. Old vehicles can choose engine oil with a higher viscosity to increase the sealing between piston and cylinder wall. If mineral engine oil is used for a long time, it is easy to leak tightly after switching to fully synthetic engine oil. Happening. Checking the oil dipstick frequently, changing the oil and oil filter regularly, replacing genuine oil filter spare parts, choosing the original oil, etc., can effectively avoid the phenomenon of oil burning.