Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck review


 Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck review


 Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck configuration:

JAC Junling series cab is equipped with Yunnei 163 horsepower engine, 6-speed gearbox, 3360 wheelbase, 8.25R20 steel wire tires, air brake with ABS, original air conditioner, electronic control glass, central control remote key.

Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage trucks are all made of Q345 high-strength alloy manganese steel plate, with support reinforced at the bottom, two-way compression; open and easy to clean, no water tank, cab operation: integrated flashlight operation mode; PLC one-key control, configuration garbage Tipping bucket board or hanging bucket garbage board, optional: large floor bucket, compression with swing arm.

Optional configuration of  Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck:

Back flap with swing arm; triangular bucket, fully sealed bucket; back cover pneumatically raised; pressure valve; filter; pure electric control valve; remote control; imported valve, double pump/double valve.

Advantages of Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck:

1 The garbage collection method is simple: change the dirty and old appearance of garbage cans all over the streets in the city, and prevent secondary pollution.

2 High compression ratio and large loading capacity: The crushing pressure is up to 12 tons, and the loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times of the same ton of non-compressed garbage.

3 Operation automation: The computer control system is adopted. During all loading and unloading operations, one driver is required to operate. Two operating modes, fully automatic and semi-automatic can be set, which not only reduces the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also greatly improves the working environment.

4 Good economy: When the special equipment is working, the computer control system automatically controls the throttle.

5 Double insurance system: The operating system has dual functions of computer control and manual operation, which greatly protects and improves the utilization rate of the vehicle.

This type of compression Garbage Truck is a fully sealed type developed by CLW Group according to market demand. All sewage from the process of self-compression, self-dumping, and compression enters the sewage tank, which completely solves the secondary pollution in the process of garbage transportation. The problem


Features of Jianghuai Junling 6cbm compression garbage truck

  1. Frame structure

The trash bin adopts reinforced beams and steel plates to weld a solid frame structure. The bottom surface is a concave plane, and the side and top surfaces are arc curved surfaces. The appearance is beautiful, the weight is light, the force is good, and it is not deformed. The structure is not only light and handy, but also enables the garbage to be evenly distributed, and the discharge is clean and thorough; the filler is mainly composed of the filler shell, sliding plate, scraper and other components, and each component adopts a beam or box structure with good force. , Strong structure and light weight;

  1. Seal treatment to eliminate secondary pollution

The garbage is in a closed state during compression, filling and transportation. The joint surface of the garbage can and the filler is sealed with a special rubber sealing strip. The front of the garbage can has a waste water tank composed of a garbage can and a back of the dozer, with a volume of 1.35m. There is a sewage tank with a volume of 0.3 m at the bottom of the filler, and its water inlet can receive the sewage that leaks due to the aging or damage of the sealing strip between the waste container and the filler during use. The sewage tank is equipped with a cylinder control. Or manually controlled blowdown valve to facilitate the discharge of sewage in designated places. The filler cover completely covers the filler feeding port, which eliminates the phenomenon of dust flying caused by the airflow disturbance in the rear of the vehicle during the transfer process, and is more beautiful;

  1. Electric and hydraulic joint control

The vehicle’s control system comprehensively utilizes the advantages of electronic control, pneumatic control and hydraulic control. The pneumatic control system is controlled by the electronic control system, and then the hydraulic valve group is controlled by the pneumatic control system, which effectively solves the problem of the interface between the hydraulic system and the electrical system. , Make full use of the characteristics that the multi-way directional valve is resistant to oil pollution than the electromagnetic directional valve, eliminate the valve jam phenomenon, and improve the reliability and efficiency of use;

  1. Hydraulic lifting safety circuit

In the hydraulic system of the lifting loader, an explosion-proof valve is installed, which cuts off the direct connection between the lifting cylinder and the hydraulic hose. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the loader will not suddenly fall and cause a vicious accident, which improves the use of safety;

  1. Automatic and manual operating system

Each mechanism has two operating modes: automatic and manual. If the automatic operation fails, manual operation can be used to complete the mechanism and discharge the garbage, which not only ensures the high efficiency of the garbage truck, but also provides debugging, maintenance and troubleshooting A great convenience;

  1. Automatic control of engine power output

The engine power output control, namely the throttle control, can be fully controlled by the electrical system to meet the power requirements of the garbage pressure filling cycle and pushing and unloading. Under other working conditions, the engine is automatically idle, which can reduce power loss and failures. Incidence rate, reduce fuel consumption and improve economic efficiency;

  1. Advanced electronic control system

Imported PLC (programmable controller) integrated control, control circuit generated in the PLC, logic loops are used to ensure that the operation instructions are executed in order, and at the same time to ensure that the operation instructions are interlocked, and only external wiring is connected, which reduces the occurrence of failures It avoids accidents caused by misoperation and improves reliability; the specially set emergency brake button can stop the garbage filling mechanism in any state or any position to ensure the safety of operators and equipment;

  1. Convenient operation control

The operation control box is installed in the cab and the rear of the vehicle. The operation control box in the cab can control pushing and unloading and select the operation mode (such as automatic or manual). The operation control box at the rear controls the pressure filling mechanism and the bucket turning mechanism The operation is very convenient. Especially in landfills, operators can complete unloading and sewage discharge without getting off the truck. A wired remote control device can be selected according to user requirements;

  1. Various bucket turning (bucket) mechanisms

Different users can choose different bucket turning (bucket) mechanisms according to different garbage collection methods: turning standard garbage iron bucket ZBT59003-88 (300 liters), plastic garbage can (240 liters), and small garbage hopper (800 liters). ), sealed garbage hopper (1400 liters), large garbage hopper (3350 liters);

  1. High-quality imported components

The key components of the electrical and hydraulic systems are all imported components, such as PLC, proximity switch, buttons, cylinder seals, etc., which improves the reliability of the garbage truck;

  1. Optional

According to user requirements, imported oil pumps, imported multi-way reversing valve sets, hydraulic oil coolers, and wired remote control devices for garbage filling can be selected.