Jiangxi medical team evacuated CLW Group


Jiangxi medical team evacuated CLW Group on the morning of March 23th. Upon hearing the news of the Jiangxi medical team’s return journey, the citizens of Suizhou rushed to the scene from all directions in the early morning to see off. Among them, there are government officials, medical staff, public security police, cured patients, and volunteers … Among the crowd, a rehabilitation patient held a banner in his handwriting “Gan Sui hand in hand, rivers and lakes concentric, thank you with you”, to The medical team members bowed and thanked with tears.

Many citizens of Suizhou City spontaneously rushed to the departure point of the medical team

Since February 6th, at the most difficult and arduous time for the Suizhou epidemic prevention and control, Jiangxi Province has sent three batches of medical staff to help. A total of 12 wards were taken over and 607 patients were managed, of which 75 were critically ill and critically ill, and 602 were cured and discharged, accounting for nearly half of the patients discharged from Suizhou City, making an important contribution to the fight against the epidemic. According to the unified deployment of the central guidance group, Jiangxi counterparts supported Suizhou, leaving 38 members to continue to support Suizhou, and the remaining 369 people returned to Jiangxi by charter flight from Wuhan Tianhe Airport on March 23.