LPG tanker trucks safety instructions


What should I pay attention to when loading and unloading cargo on LPG tank trucks?

Five points for loading and unloading cargo:

1. LPG tank truck transportation companies, vehicles, drivers, escorts, and stevedores must obtain corresponding qualifications.

2. The loading medium is consistent with the spraying medium of the tank and the medium specified in the vehicle road transportation certificate.

3. The LPG tank truck is loaded uniformly and evenly, and the whole is fixed, so that one truck has one cargo, and different dangerous goods cannot be mixed or overloaded.

4. After the LPG tank truck is loaded, the name, shape, quantity, disposal method, and company contact information of the dangerous goods must be recorded in writing and carried with the truck.

5. After theLPG tank truck is loaded, the emergency shut-off valve should be closed to ensure that there is no damage and no leakage.

What are the requirements for emergency handling of LPG tank trucks?

Three requirements for emergency response:

1. In the event of emergency situations such as breakdowns, accidents, spills of cargo, etc., the tanker should be properly handled according to the different nature of the cargo such as explosion, flammability, corrosion, hypertoxicity, radiation, etc., in accordance with the corresponding emergency response plan and operating procedures.

2. If the LPG tank truck obstructs traffic and is difficult to move, the hazard warning lights must be turned on according to the regulations. The warning signs should be set at 50-100 meters behind the car on ordinary roads and 150 meters behind the car on highways. The marker lights must be turned on at night. And rear position lights.

3. When it cannot be disposed of in advance, the tanker should be parked in a place as open as possible, far away from people and water sources, and report in time. The name, shape, quantity and leakage of dangerous goods should be specified in the report to facilitate the relevant departments in the first time Effective disposal.

Life safety is greater than the sky. I hope all practitioners have awe of the industry and life. We also hope that every time we travel, everyone can return safely and smoothly.