New Dayun Aopuli Dump Garbage truck review-chassis part


New Dayun Aopuli Dump Garbage truck review-chassis part


Dump garbage truck is one of many types of sanitation garbage trucks. It can tilt the carriage to a certain angle to realize the special dump truck that can unload garbage by its own weight. The truck is easy to dump, and it is very good for short-distance transportation of garbage and sand and gravel materials. It is understood that dump garbage trucks occupy the first place in the total sales of sanitation garbage trucks in 2019, indicating that the demand for dump garbage trucks in the market is still good. Let’s take a look at a dump truck that has a good reputation, the New Dayun Aopuli Dump Garbage truck. First, let’s learn about its chassis configuration?

The overall dimensions of the New Dayun Aopuli Dump Garbage truck are 6.65 meters long, 2.5 meters wide, 2.8 meters high, and a wheelbase of 3.55 meters. It is a yellow-licensed model that can only be used with a B certificate. The Chinese red exterior paint is very shiny in the sun and looks very conspicuous.

The truck is equipped with a Sino-German joint venture Dewei Yunnei D40TCIF1 (Yunnei 183 horsepower) engine, with a maximum output of 135KW and a maximum torque of 660N.m. The engine has strong power and full combustion, making it very suitable for long-distance transportation.


The standard 150L aluminum alloy fuel tank, urea tank, hand oil pump, aluminum alloy gas storage tank, etc. are installed side by side in the safety fence on the side of the beam, which is safe and beautiful. The fuel tank made of aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the car body, will not rust after long-term use, and will not block the oil circuit.

It is one of the more reliable ways to distinguish whether it is a National VI model from the exhaust pipe. Because the National VI exhaust pipe is equipped with many post-processing devices, the shape of the exhaust pipe is very similar to that of the National V exhaust pipe. Big difference.

The standard model is 8.25R16 steel wire tires, produced by Qianjin Tire Company. Its main advantage is high wear-resisting and anti-eating tires. It is currently a light truck tire with relatively good sales in the market. The manufacturer is also equipped with a spare tire of the same specification, which can be used as a temporary substitute after a puncture occurs in the original tire.