Water Tank Truck DONGFENG – 8 Ton

  • Condition:New
  • Type:Water Tank Truck
  • Brand:Dongfeng
  • Tank volume:8m³
  • Maximum Speed:103km/h
  • Engine:1999-3856ml
  • Vihichle dimension:6920,6940×2130,2200×2500,2800
  • Curb Weight:4755

Detail Photo

【Front Sprinkling】

With pneumatic valve (optional), flow rate 460l / min, flushing width ≥14m, used for flushing roads and squares.


【Rear Sprinkling】
With pneumatic valve (optional), flow rate 430l / min, flushing width ≥12 meters, used for flushing roads and squares.


【Side Sprinkling】
Watering width ≥ 14 meters, for watering plants in green belts.


【Sprinkler Head】
Adjustable into a column shape with a range of ≥28 meters. Adjustable into a mist, with a range of ≥15 meters. It can be used for remote irrigation and auxiliary fire fighting operations.


【Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)】

Give full play to the effectiveness of the brake, shorten the braking time and distance can effectively prevent the vehicle from slipping and tail flicking during emergency braking, avoiding severe friction between the tire and the ground, and reducing tire wear.


【Hydraulic direction assist】

The steering wheel and steering wheels are all connected by mechanical components, which are precisely controlled, the road feels direct, and the information feedback is rich. The hydraulic pump is driven by the engine, has sufficient steering power, mature technology and high reliability.



Chaochai 163 National Six engine, high-torque high-horsepower engine, strong power, 30% slope start without worry, low fuel consumption, environmental protection standards.



5-speed gearbox, more gears, adapt to complex road sections, easy shifting, economical and fuel efficient.


【Urea Tank】

Urea tank is used to store urea aqueous solution, selective reduction of SCR, reducing nitrogen compounds to meet the national five standards, more economical and environmentally friendly.


【Secondary exhaust gas filter tube】

The function of the secondary exhaust gas filter pipe is to let the insufficiently combusted mixture pass through the air cleaner to the engine again to avoid causing waste of fuel.


【Camel 24V battery】

Leading technology, life expectancy extended by more than 12.8%, active special substance added to the electrode plate, which improves charge acceptance performance by more than 15.6%.


Main Specifications


CLW5070GSSD6 Max Speed (km/h)


Size (mm)


Tank Volume (m3)


Total Weight (kg)


Rated Weight (kg)


Curb Weight (kg)


Front-seat Passenger (person)


Axle Load (kg)


Fuel Type


1. The vehicle only uses a wheelbase of 3308mm, the effective volume of the tank is 4.04 cubic meters, and the tank size is (mm): 3400 × 1600 × 1100, 3300 × 1600 × 1100.

2. Protective material: Q235B carbon steel, connection method: Welding connection is used for left and right side and rear lower protection. The rear protective section size (mm): 120 × 50, the rear protective ground clearance (mm): 430.

3. ABS model / manufacturer: ABS / ASR-12V-4S / 4M / Xiangyang Dongfeng Longcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

4. Special device: tank body, mainly used for road watering and garden greening.

5. Optional cab with chassis.


Why Choose Us

★ CHENGLI AUTO is One of the largest Special Automobile manufacturer in China.


★ CHENGLI AUTO now has more than 2,000 large-scale production equipment and more than 200 sets of testing equipment.


★ Strict process production:Automated splicing coil: Zero defect of tank. Automatic welding robot: Weld molding making the tank firm and beautiful.



1. Technical communication with engineer

2. Factory and workshop visit

3. Making design drawings



1. Service Life:
 The vehicles are expected to be functioning 10 (ten) years with availability of spare parts.
2. Warranty 
*The warranty period of 12 months or 10000 kilometers, whichever comes first, from shipment date on Bill of Lading.
*During this period, if any failure, we will send replacement parts and components to customers by DHL, UPS, FEDEX free. Normal wear or fast consumables are excluded.
*After this period, the parts can be provided at cost price.
 *This warranty does not cover damage due to improper use, accident or misuse or damage due to any unauthorized services.
 *If the goods are determined to be defective in materials or workmanship, we will, at ours option, repair or replace the goods.
3. Technical Support 
If anything wrong with the vehicle we supply, you can reach us by phone call or email. We will provide a prompt solution ASAP.
4. Onsite Training 
On-site training could be executed if this term is included in the contracts agreed.
5. Onsite Service 
We can assign our engineers to go to destination for on-site service if this term is included in the contracts agreed. Even service workshop could be built if the order comes to certain quantity.


Q:What is your product range?

A:We supply all kinds of special automobile such as watering cart, rubbish truck, cleaning truck, cement mixer truck, fire truck, and customized vehicle.


Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are one of the largest special automobile manufacturer in China.


Q: What information shall I provide you when I need your offer?

A:1. which kind of truck; 2. Chassis information; 3. Other optional choices of the related truck; 4.Desitination of the port.


★ Q:How long could we receive our goods?

A:It depends on the quantity and type of the vechicle that you have ordered. Usually it takes 30~45 days to produce them.


★ Q:What kind of payment can you accept?

A:We usually accept T/T and L/C. 


★ Q:What kind of shipment do you use?

A:RO-RO, LCL, Container,SKD,CKD and etc. 

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