Solutions to the 4 problems of garbage truck engine


A. Difficulty starting the engine

1. It is difficult to start a cold garbage truck engine, with large vibrations after starting, and large vibrations at medium and low speeds. It may be that the spark plug is faulty or the ignition timing is too early. It is recommended to go to the nearest service station for maintenance in time.

2. It is difficult to start at low temperature in winter. Mainly: the temperature is low, the vaporization rate of the fuel drops; the mixer becomes thinner and is not easy to burn, which causes difficulty in starting; the viscosity of the lubricating oil increases, and the resistance of the engine increases, which causes difficulty in starting; the chemical reaction of the battery electrolyte is slow, causing the start Insufficient power output, insufficient starter power and insufficient ignition voltage make it difficult for the engine to start.

The garbage truck should warm up the engine before starting in the cold season to avoid difficulty in starting at low temperatures in winter.

garbage truck engine

B. Engine lubrication

1. The lubricating oil pressure indicator will light up when accelerating. Indicates that the lubricating oil pressure is too low. It may be caused by clogged filters, low lubricating oil, and oil pump failure. It is recommended to go to the nearest service station for maintenance in time. Or the lubricating oil pressure indicator system is malfunctioning, and the indicator light is turned on by mistake. It is recommended to go to the nearest service station for maintenance in time.

2. Excessive lubricating oil consumption. Lubricating oil is normally consumed when the car is in good condition, but when the car is in poor condition, the exhaust gas of the car turns blue, which means that the lubricating oil is consumed too much. The main reason for the consumption of lubricating oil is to enter the combustion chamber and participate in the combustion. Or lubricant leakage. It is recommended that the nearest service station be checked and repaired in time.


C. Unstable generator operation

1. The throttle body of the engine is too dirty or the motor is malfunctioning. When the throttle valve and idle speed valve of the engine valve body are seriously dirty, the engine will experience low idle speed, poor stability or no idle speed, and the throttle valve will be stuck when refueling. It is generally recommended to clean the throttle body every time the vehicle travels about 20,000 kilometers. After cleaning, it should be set by the diagnostic instrument to achieve a normal working attitude.

2. The engine shakes severely, and the fault indicator light will flash occasionally. The reason is that unclean fuel has caused pollution or blockage of the fuel supply system. The use of dirty fuel will cause pollution of the fuel supply, ignition, and exhaust systems, which will lead to the lighting of the engine failure indicator and varying degrees of engine jitter.

The solution is to thoroughly clean the contaminated system, continue to add gasoline with stable indicators and add a certain amount of oil line cleaner.

garbage truck engine

D. Engine exhaust color

1. The exhaust color of the garbage truck is blue. In the garbage truck, a large amount of lubricating oil enters the cylinder and cannot complete the combustion; sometimes the engine starts to emit blue smoke when it is cold, but it will be fine when the vehicle is hot. It is recommended to go to the 4S shop for maintenance in time.

2. The exhaust color of garbage truck is black. Due to incomplete fuel combustion. It will cause a decline in power and economic deterioration. It is recommended to go to the 4S shop for repairs in time.

3. The color of the garbage truck is white, and it is serious when the car is cold, and the white smoke will not be emitted when the car is hot. This is because gasoline contains water and the engine is too cold. At this time, the fuel entering the cylinder is not completely burned, causing fog or water vapor to form white smoke. When the car is started for the first time in winter or rainy season, white smoke can often be seen. Once the engine temperature rises, the white smoke will rise. This state does not need to be overhauled.